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While this is not my favorite hole it's certainly not as bad as these posts indicate. It's actually a good score seperator in many cases, especially in the long position. I would prefer to be warmed up before playing it instead of the 2nd hole you will face as BD said.

There is a pretty nice line up the right side for the bigger arms to hit if going for the deuce. Last time I played two guys got putts at it and one hit their putt, one didn't. If you hit an early tree at the 1st gap you most likely will make 4 but easy to try and do too much and take a 5. If you just want to go for the conservative 3 which means hitting the gap and leaving a 100-150 ft upshot as mtl stated that's still a tight line and no guarantee.

Not a great hole but a very challenging hole. I've seen many blow ups here and you can quickly shoot yourself in the foot during a cash round if you miss that first gap.
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