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Cool So..I think I got whiplash?

Yea I was doing something very wrong in my throw, maybe being too forceful, trying too hard and like hours after playing I got this intense pain in my neck. It was the most painful feeling I've ever felt (yet) it was like I had a thousand pounds of pressure in one spot of my neck. I felt like I was going to faint, my vision was going black and was having cold sweats at one point. Don't know if it was whiplash or maybe a form of it, it hurts like hell if I make a sudden wrong move. I first put an ice pack on it, took some acetaminophen, and then tried my best to go to sleep on heating pad. It is a little better today, I can still feel the tensity of the muscles though and gotta stay stiff to reduce pain.

So that's about it, I am looking for some tips if anyone else has done this to themselves from playing, or maybe I'm the first.. and I am too poor to go to doctor (which is why I play disc golf, jk) but for real.. halp!
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