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1. If its ok to have threads speculating about new discs that havent come out yet and have only just been mentioned then I don't see why so many people are complaining about people speculating on a possible rule change. The rulle change is something that actually would affect everyone playing the sport.

2. I don't understand how so many people haven't seen anyone who is good at jump putting. I have met multiple people who are actually quite good at it and I don't even get out to many tournaments.

3. Those 'illegal' jump putts arent really helping the people who are doing them anyway, the point of the jump putt is to gain some momentum from your legs to transfer into your throw. The only way you are actually transferring anything into your throw is if you release the disc before leaving/just as you are leaving the ground. Once you leave the ground the majority of the power you built up by jump putting is gone and there then is no point in taking a jump putt.

I have used jump putts when I want a longer push putt instead of a spin putt, I find that if I really don't want to overshoot my landing but still want a putt that isnt just a lay up with no chance of going in the jump putt is perfect. Other than that I don't ever jump putt, but I do know many people who will once outside the circle and for them it works. Just like straddle putting works for some people and not others jump putting is just another technique. The last thing I'd want is someone telling me I had to throw a specific way. Getting rid of jump putting completely like some have mentioned would be, on in an extreme case, just like getting rid of forehand or backhand shots and saying that everyone had to shoot the same way.

Just my 2 cents on the thread, I personally hope they would never actually put this rule change into effect.
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