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Originally Posted by jtreadwell View Post
You may have heard this bit of wisdom already, but try focusing and aiming for a single chain link somewhere near the center of the basket. That way, if you miss your target you're still likely hitting chains. It may be mostly psychological but it truly helps.
Very good advice. As simple as it sounds it really does help a lot. Majority of putting is focus and confidence, honing in on a single chain link can work wonders. Usually when I miss it is because I am just aiming at the entire basket. When I am hitting, it is usually do to laser focus on a single link and hitting it.

Originally Posted by sloppydisc View Post
Simplify your game and bag as much as possible. If you are too busy to master 15 discs or whatever you are carrying, narrow it down s small as you can, and practice with those discs until you are happy. Then add 1 disc at a time to fill a major need. That will all change as you progress.
More great advice. Start small then expand when you feel comfortable. Build up a strong core of discs, your "go to" discs and work them as much as possible. Then as you improve you can add in a disc to fill a need you may encounter during the process. Trying to master 15-20 discs is hard, start small (3-6 discs) and slowly add more as your game and experience grow.

Use Youtube for putting videos, the best thing you can do is to try and master putting. A basket for home is nice, but might not be in the budget. Get creative and use a fence post, or mark a section on a tree trunk to hit, anything to work on hitting a skinny object. Then the basket will look huge when you go back to the course with all those chains dangling around it.

Of course the best advice is have fun. Good luck!
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