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Originally Posted by ManU View Post
cooling doesn't make for different tech specs

cooling makes for differences between runs of the same disc

given that Millennium usually involves some tweak to an existing Innova mold often with the use of a nose spacer or the like in this case it almost seems as if it is the removal of a nose spacer

hence the lower height, bigger diameter and smaller wing

all of which could make for different flights between the similar looking discs (the differences are so small we would be hard pressed to differentiate without the tech specs)
These are good points. What comes to mind first for me is, people thought the EXP was the Banshee for years. Even John thought they were the same mold until Dave D told him the parts, which are just incrementally different members of the same design family. I already knew this because there's a difference that's plain as day to my eye; it's in the nose and it has a minor effect that makes it a legit new disc without any commonly-observable difference in structure.

I think every widely-accepted "formula" of what Innova parts make a MILL mold has come from me personally, some with the help of my former co-workers but mainly just my observation. Since I have zero interest in any of the newer MILL drivers I haven't compared these molds, but I'll figure it out tomorrow. I'm gonna be looking at wings, nose spacers, and cores.

Also some of the MILL models have different Tech Specs in their original and Q-based names... take a look, QJ is a larger diameter than JLS. So I consider Tech Specs a good tool for some things, but not absolute mold comparisons.
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