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Originally Posted by Cgkdisc View Post
T&D should never be used in the field of play as a risk/reward design element. Too punitive relative to other offline throws. As in ball golf, it should only be involved when players throw off the course property and hopefully there are few property lines near fairways.

If we had a game where there were two levels of poor throws similar to rough and heavy rough in ball golf, T&D might make sense as the second tier of bad shot. For example, imagine double lined fairways on both sides where if you landed in between the lines on either side, you got an OB penalty but still threw from that lie. If you threw beyond both lines, it would be T&D where you rethrew plus got a penalty.

This design structure would provide stepped risk/reward that matched the badness of a throw where there was a 1-shot penalty zone then a 2-shot penalty zone with just 1 shot increase when crossing the next border. The problem with T&D as part of our current course risk/reward structures is a slightly offline shot goes from being good to 2 shots worse being only an inch farther off line. That 2-shot step is not justified and is too much for smooth scoring separation.

I don't completely agree with your ball golf comparison. While a fair amount of OB is "off course property", it is generally placed to take one side of the hole out of play - it carries the harshest penalty (same as a lost ball) because the course designer is telling you to err on the opposite side, and on the toughest holes there is something (bunkers, lateral hazard) on that opposite side. I've seen OB on a dogleg hole where there is another fairway in the OB area to discourage players from trying to cut the dogleg and hit someone in the other fairway.

I think the buncr rule should be used to create something analagous to very heavy rough or a sand bunker in ball golf, and as such should be enforced differently as you have suggested - you play from the buncr area, but you add a shot rather than throwing your original shot again without penalty.

There should be a mix of penalties, but I don't think a graduated system as you propose is ideal. Have some T&D penalties - it's like a mando in the sense that the T&D OB areas are there to greatly discourage certain shot shapes or mistakes on one side of the rough. This would be comparable to OB areas in ball golf.

Some roped-off areas should have drop zones, which is a lesser penalty than full T&D but is still worse than a buncr area, which would carry a penalty throw but you throw it from where it lies.

Three levels of penalty, each useful in certain circumstances. Having mostly/only one level is a bit lazy IMO.
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