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Default Disc weight. New to the game, did I buy the wrong weight discs?

I've started about two months ago and immediately fell in love. I got plastic fever and bought a bunch of discs since I'm playing with a group of friends and I loan out every round.

I only bought a couple high speed drivers before I read anything and kept hearing people say stay away from them.

I know I'm going to be playing this game until I can't anymore. This is my question. Being so new to the game I'm really bad. This next week I plan on trying to retrain drives from the ground up with the help from the Dan Beto video.

I have a lot of discs in the mid to high 170's. Buzzz's, Eagles, TL, Ion, Anode, Axis. The rest of my stuff is high 160's, or low 170's.

How much does weight affect getting a disc up to speed? With my poor technique and slow arm should I be throwing anything heavy? I didn't want to buy anything super light like the Diamond or Pearl because I live near the Niagara River and our area is generally windy. Should I pick up a couple discs in the 160's until I gain technique? I'm assuming lighter discs are easier to get up to speed.

I've tried to find an answer to this question, but there's a lot of information here and I'm terrible with the search function.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
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