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I climb it if the tree is climbable, otherwise, I use a blunt rock or stick.

A few months ago, I ran into an issue that I've never encountered before: my "little" brother (monster of an arm, football player, muscular) cranked an orange Mamba I had decided wasn't for me, but the tee was still wet from morning dew and he slipped. The tee is elevated 35+ ft and the hole is surrounded by 100-150 ft trees with leaves and branches only near the top. The Mamba did what Mambas do and soared, glided. I was impressed, it was a hell of a throw for a high miss, then it hit one of the tallest of those trees and stuck near the very top. His face was pure terror, then we both just died laughing. It was out of his rock/stick range and I wasn't about to risk another disc, so we got his football out of my truck and spent the next hour punting at the tree. We both hit it and the branch it was on several times, but the thing never even budged. We quit when it started to rain and the damn thing is still there to this day. I've seen quite a few people attempt to get it with projectiles, to no avail. The worst part is the orange color being visible from a good distance away so everytime I play, I have to see it... Taunting me...
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