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After listening, I am really curious how Vibram thinks that they will be able to ever open doors of discussion with other disc manufacturers. As a consumer, and one who hopes that disc golf becomes bigger, it's really tough from my perspective to see companies like Innova and Discraft afraid of competition to the point they are.

To Innova.... if the sport grows, maybe your market share shrinks.... HOWEVER there is no way that your total business will be smaller. Would you rather own 70% or more of a niche market (that your business revolves around), or own 40% of a market that is five times bigger?

To Vibram.... Put the shoe on the other foot. Why would you ever want to grow the other companies on purpose until you are actually threatened by competition? I'm sure Gateway has putt a dent on innova's putter sales.

To ALL companies.... You are in a small market. It would be in everyone's best interest to have meetings between all of you to determine certain standards. Yes, the PDGA is the governing body, but as a manufacturer, you guys would be a powerful team in the same room as the PDGA while determining and modifying specs and regulations. On top of that, like was said in the interview, a universal flight system is a MUST for the consumer. As consumers, we have short attention spans. If you go into a store, you have innova mixed with discraft mixed with lat64 mixed with vibram, etc. Discs ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Why are we expected to buy something based on a system we don't know, knowing we might have to return it.

I ASK... Disc golf companies, please get together. This is not about yourself. Steve Dodge says that he can essentially run 2 USDGCs for the price of one. THAT IS A VALUABLE RESOURCE. If I was the USDGC, I would pick his brain and use the money that you save to sponsor the vibram open. I love the USDGC, but I am also surprised by the cost involved to run.

The future of this sport is in the hands of the manufacturers. Let's hope they get it right.
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