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I've settled into my new midrange setup after vigorous testing of many new N mids...Also, PDs are totally back, not sure what I was thinking...They pair great with the Volt. Also, all my Volts are so similar I'm only bagging one--my light pink 175 because it holds a turn slightly longer than the others. The GL Villain wasn't overstable/predictable enough to be a wind disc or replace the PD in any way...Much different from the Opto, which I'm still loving.
2x172 Eclipse Soft Anodes--Putt and Approach
1x173 Soft Anode--Drives/long approaches
1x173 Neutron Anode--Drives
1x178 FR green Axis--Understable/touch mid
1x176 Neutron Axis--Workhorse neutral mid
1x178 FR Vector--beaten into straightness--neutral shots/approaches in wind
1x174 Neutron Vector--Fast, straight, moderately overstable
1x176 Eclipse Vector--Overstable
Control/Fairway drivers
1x175 Volt--Versatile neutral driver
2x174 yellow champystar SPDs--seasoned and new for most stable drives
Distance Drivers
1x175 Champ Mamba--hyzer flips/turnover drives and lots of utility
1x174 TP Sword--breaking in for hyzer flips, less extreme flips than Mamba
1x169 VIP Sword--Max control D...Very HSS with very little LSS
2x175 VIP Swords--new and seasoned, most straight/control distance drives
1x175 Opto Villainn--overstable utility and distance driver (first disc I've gotten to fill both these slots satisfactorily)
Max/Open D(these rarely come with me, only long/open courses)
1x155 Blizzard Wraith--tailwinds and long turning shots
1x156 Blizzard Boss--Max S turn D
1x174 Z Nuke--for when I don't trust the Blizzards
1x174 Q-Quasar--for when I don't trust the Nuke...
Wind Contingency Discs (for when it's so windy it's no longer really disc golf)
1x175 ZESP Zone
1x179 FR Vector
1x175 11x FB
1x175 CFR CPD
1x175 Z Nuke OS
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