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Default Chally backpack response

I'm not trying to thread drift just responding to some of the comments from Physical Flight bag owners...

Guys I enjoyed reading reviews of our Physical Flight Chally Bag in comparison with the other bags and its pros and cons. As most of our bag owners know we use the best materials available and are continuing to find ways to better our product. We will now begin adding custom zipper pulls (free with each bag purchase) that match the color of each of our bags as well as offering our new matching aluminum frame (only weighs 11 ounces) for our bags for only $30 extra which comes with the same lifetime warranty that our bag has. The Chally bag comes with a soft internal frame standard but for those that want to carry 30+ discs the aluminum frame is a great upgrade to alleviate any worries of the bag tipping over or losing rigidity. Our touring pros agree its the best frame/bag on the market and half of our guys switched from carrying a Grip so thats saying alot. Also continue to check out our website because we will update with pictures of our frames and what bags we have in stock. You can also get custom Chally bag colors for just the cost of fabric which is usually $25 extra.

Originally Posted by GordEzo View Post
U really sound like the kind of guy that will look at everything , and KNOW u can build something more appropriate for your round of DG !

I'm in love with the Chally pack , but I'm trying to step up to playing tourneys and fit in with the chillas ! Really hope Santa got my note and has ordered me a RED and WHITE CHALLY !

You should search the homemade bag forum , theres a couple of good ideas for modifying a Cabellas fishing pack into a decent beer/disc pack . More ideas for an internal frame so u can sit on top of it . Had to build my own and it works great , but now I want a smaller pack ! Really should take photos but I'm packing for a move so computer is packed !

Good luck , search the forums !

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