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Not a fan of the TD. The one I had was a C-TD though. Anyway, it was as stable as a CD, definitely not a "turning driver". It also had mediocre glide and limited distance, even for a speed 10. So many other choices in that speed-stability range will outperform the TD. It doesn't generate a whole lot of interest, or sell very well, so that should be clue number 1. Just get a Roadrunner for that slot...great disc.

The Saint, on the other hand, is a winner. As someone else mentioned, the notorious Lat 64 glide seems to only kick in beyond a certain point, like a 2nd gear. It responds well to snap and spin, not power, as is the case with most narrow rimmed drivers.

Other attributes of the Saint are the incredible control and overall straight flight with tiny fade when thrown flat. This is one of the few truly straight discs, IMO. Hyzers tend to be mild sweeping hyzers that give a little more distance as a result.

I use mine as a 'control driver' for fade and hyzer drives. The Saint is not a disc that will bomb, but is capable of more distance than others in its class, save maybe the FD. The Saint is another winner from Lat 64.

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