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Awesome stuff. I did read Blake T's postings about that recently but you explained more clearly that I finally grasped the concept. I think I finally see the better picture of why disc go faster/spin more than others.

Like you hold the disc while riding the roller coaster, just hold firmly then all of suddenly going around that small circle, the disc pops out (assuming the disc pull is more than grip can hold).

I think it will be awesome to do high speed overhead video shoot of various top throwers and analyze them in details. Analysis of most accurate thrower, the distance champ throwers and the like would be real cool. Looks like we are finally going away from art into science.

I think we need to add weight shift/hip rotation in addition to shoulder, elbow, wrist, pivot diagram.

I think the great "feeler" drill is piece of metal pipe (copper pipe, aluminum pipe etc) something like 15"-20" inches more or less, and grip the pipe like one would grip the disc and swing ("throw") that pipe in goal of going through that "small circle" described above. That would focus on the force of the wrist's opening (not including the disc pivot which is another "final" arc). I just ordered a radar device that is good for measuring bat swing/golf shaft swing speed and that will help me to guide me getting into the smallest circle as physics allowed.

Looks like my goal of effortless 350'+ throws with Volts/PD might be coming soon (despite my ongoing neck issues).

Thanks iacas, I knew you were digging those stuff.
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