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Well I am a little late to the party, despite having preordered, but I finally got in a good round with my volts.

I like them. At 300ish ft of power, they are pretty neutral/stable for me. They seemed to be very nose angle sensitive for me, moreso than PDs. I did however find them easier to S turn through the woods. In fact I was quite happy with how workable they were.

I was not able to get them to lock on to an anhyzer though. They would fight/stall out of it. I have a feeling its nose and/or spin issues.

Thrown flatish they would fly straight with fade. I think I was only borderline on getting ebnough spin on them though. When my arm got tired I had to be careful, I wasn't getting enough spin and they were locking in on micro hyzer angles because I my arm angle was getting sloppy.

I do like them, I think they will fly better when I have golfed more regularly and work on controling nose angle better.
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