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Originally Posted by Tmart View Post
Please read this in a curious tone, not a negative tone:

Why did they send the testers 2 discs that aren't the actual AMP? What are they trying to learn from these 2 discs? With the release in a week and a half it seems really strange. It sounds kind of improbable but hopefully they get some real AMPS to the testers before this launch so I can see what I'm actually buying.
Because the discs we have are actual Amps. It sounds like my red one is only a bit more understable than intended (and probably within the accepted tolerance for the mold) and my white one a bit more stable (maybe just outside the tolerance). So I think my reviews will hold true for most who buy an Amp.

I kind of answered your question in my post above...When they turn the machine on and start pumping plastic through it does not just start popping out good parts...There are things like bubble and sinks that make them scrap the first discs made. They have to tweak the settings on the machines over and over to get them coming out consistently how they want them. This is why "first runs" of other companies' discs fly differently from production runs (the testers essentially have "first run" Amps).

Usually they send the testers discs from later in the run, but when the PDGA site accidentally leaked the Amp release everything got sent into superspeed at MVP. They ran red/white Amps first and sent us out discs as soon as good parts were coming out (otherwise testers may have not even gotten discs before retailers). MVP knew that these discs were a little weird, but they still represent most of the defining characteristics of what the Amp is.
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