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Originally Posted by Tmart View Post
Please read this in a curious tone, not a negative tone:

Why did they send the testers 2 discs that aren't the actual AMP? What are they trying to learn from these 2 discs? With the release in a week and a half it seems really strange. It sounds kind of improbable but hopefully they get some real AMPS to the testers before this launch so I can see what I'm actually buying.
My communication said that ZJ's descriptions were dead on for how they're supposed to mold up and perform, and how the run proper has been.. running. So if one of the testers wants to quote his findings......... there it'd be. He had more discs to choose from, different weights, and lucked into a good representation of the mold.

The early shipments for testers unfortunately means that they get to sample the first % off the machine before everything is hot straight and narrow. And that earliest sampling is where any inconsistency would be concentrated.

All plastics have inherent inconsistency ... the difference with MVP isn't that it's non-existent, it's that they care and will investigate and learn how to do it better. Nobody else seems to learn and correct.
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