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Alright DS, here is my Volt review that i told you 100 pages ago I would do.

I like the comparison to old mold beasts when thrown properly. I guess i didnt get an understable one like ive heard about. I like this mold far more than all the other MVP stuff to date, by a lot. I like throwing long anny's with this disc, i think the gyro makes this throw easier and more accurate to do.

I found that in the 250-350 range its a very nice disc thats able to work lots of lines. However when i was trying to push it much farther, i noticed it gettig less and less HSS and also noticed it has pretty poor glide when compared to a few other similar discs.

I was having no trouble throwing it FH or BH. I was very intrigued by the gyro effect on a tommy or thumber, still playing with that theory tho so ill wait til i have more throws in to expand on that.

The negative, its a bit shallower feeling than i like. Lack of glide kinda frustrating on a few throws where i feel like i hit it right and then it just rides the line into the ground. That could be very useful to have, just not what I was looking for on those few throws. I feel like it needed more height than i was used to for the distance i was trying to go. Which poses another problem, it was pretty unforgiving of release angle. I was certain the gyro would make it more so, but i was wrong.

All in all not a bad disc really. But to me it seems like I personally would have to tear down my bag and build around that disc. Its a pretty versatile tweener disc and those are the hardest ones to bag imo. Especially since i already kinda built my driver setup around PDs which imo is also a versatile tweener mold, seems like id either have too much overlap or a gap in my driver lineup.

Was a Pink 175, all the ones i looked through (about 25) had seemingly identical plh's fwiw

Not bagging it, but it doesnt suck
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