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Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
I think this boils down to how well you know your discs and how consistent of a thrower you are.
It doesn't, no. In golf players at the top level (PGA Tour level) still tend to be either linear or non-linear for different parts of their game. It's not like beginners are linear and then they advance to non-linear.

So either I've explained it poorly (most likely) or you've misunderstood the concepts (possible).

Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
I think this is more like Bowling than Golf though. Do you aim for the first set of arrows, or do you aim for the pins? It all boils down to how consistently you throw and whether or not you trust your equipment.
That's not entirely the same... Close though.

Let me try to put it another way.

A linear player is one who chooses a point in space that's on an extension of the line the disc will take when it leaves their hand (i.e. before any turn or fade or hyzer or anhyzer has taken over). In other words, the "straight" line out of their hands, and the disc will do what it does after that.

A non-linear player is a player who chooses a point in space that's farther into the chosen flight's curve - whether it's a fade or turn, a hyzer or an anhyzer. They'll throw to the start line that will have the disc moving through that point, but they aren't concerned with where that straight start line is precisely.

A purely non-linear player has to adapt to play courses with lots of gaps very close to the tee or may struggle because they don't visualize and thus plan for that point being so early in space and time. A purely linear player has to adapt to play wide open courses with less to aim at close to the tees or may struggle because they can't visualize a point so far out along the throw.

So it's a gradient, from super-linear (point in space REALLY close to the thrower) to super-non-linear (point in space is near the basket or landing area).

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