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I have to post this. Mainly because this is my very first lost disc. But also because it has a story that goes with it. Not a story of how I lost my disc but what happened after I got home. First, I've only been playing since this Thanksgiving. My intro thread is here if you want to know any more.

Ok boring as it is I'll go ahead and describe how I screwed up and lost my Millenium JLS, then on to the other events. Hole 4 at Harry Myers in Rockwall is a 266 ft par 3 where you tee out of the woods where you just finished number 3, across a clearing and into a simi-circle of trees around the basket (assuming you can throw that far, I can't). There is also a small copse of trees guarding the basket from direct attack. There is also a deep (usually dry) creek and very thick briars and undergrowth all along the right hand side of the fairway.

The wind was howling like a banshee from left to right as I stood on the tee box. Now, here is a tendency I have. When there is fierce wind (as there often is in Texas), I tend to throw my JLS when I should be throwing a mid. The good thing is that it stays low (most of the time) and cuts through the wind. The bad thing is sometimes I don't control it as well as my shorter discs. I've fussed at myself for this and am getting better, but sometimes I cannot fight the temptation. So on this hole I throw my JLS much too hard to control, blow the throw and show the bottom of the disc to the wind. UP, UP and AWAY!!! (and long for me, about 250 feet I'd guess). I looked for my disc in the dry creek bottom, and all along both banks for about 30 minutes and gave up. I tried to resume playing but my heart was not in the game and I gave up after number 10 and went disc shopping. It is important to note here that my discs are inked.

Now, anyone over 30 probably knows who Paul Harvey is. This is "the rest of the story". I was sitting at home when around 7:30 PM I get a text message from an unknown phone number. It simply said: "Hello". To which I replied "Yes?". Then I realized it may be someone texting about my disc and I added "Did you find my disc today?". NO REPLY!

About two hours later I got another text. Here is how the exchange went:

"I have your disc.. I also have a particular set of skills that's trained me to professionally kid nap disc and keep them captive in disclosed locations.. Don't worry she's safe. If you ever want to see the disc again you will be obligated to pay the price of 1 million dollars.. You have 48 to come up with the cash.. No checks CASH.. Times ticking."

Me (thinking ok I'll play):
"Ok, 1 million dollars it is. One question: will you accept monopoly money?"

Then I got to thinking, shoot I want to know where the disc ended up and why I couldn't find it. So I asked:
"I'm curious as to where it landed. Did it make it across the creek to hole 5 fairway? I was throwing from hole 4 tee box."

"Idk but I lost it by the line of trees by helping hands"

Confused, I asked:
"You lost it or you found it?"

To which I got no further reply. Now at first I thought this person was jacking with me, thought life has taught me too much for that to be successful on their part. A missing $10 hunk of plastic ain't gonna do it regardless of the circumstance. Then I started to consider the presumed "typo" when they said "disclosed" location instead of undisclosed. Also they said they "lost" the disc there. Any of you who know the Harry Myers course knows that Helping Hands property backs up to the park near hole 12 and 13. So today I went back out to finish the round I started, and to look along the tree line for where the person may have deposited my disc. I did not find it, but it was fun to think about at any rate.

Bottom line is that the person may or may not have been jacking with me. I care not. I choose rather to believe that they decided to sequester my disc instead of keeping it and devised a playful way to tell me where it was. A riddle, as it were. Maybe someone found it before I did, or maybe it was all BS. You decide.

Thanks for reading,
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