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Originally Posted by Pwingles View Post
To 4 people on this message board maybe
Majority of people i see are buying MVP and Lat64, fewer and fewer buy discrap.. i mean discraft or innova anymore besides the noobs to the sport. Theres obvious reasons for that. As more people try the new technologies and see better players throwing superior plastic the landscape will change rapidly, as it already has been.

The past week alone i have sold 2 Axis, 1 Volt and a River out of my car to locals

Standing Rocks Open players packages included ALL MVP discs and we gave away over 200 packages with 2 MVP discs each.

Where i live its getting to a point where over half the people playing the sport have at least 1 MVP disc in their bag.

Change happens, some resist it, i choose to ride the wave.

Regardless, throw what works best for you
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