Thread: [Question] Colors affect on stability.
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Originally Posted by garublador View Post
But that wouldn't cause two discs of the same shape but different color to fly differently. It just shows that discs of a certain color are more likely to come out with a certain shape. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there are environmental variables that also have an effect on the shape of the disc after cooling.

One thing that what you posted didn't address is how much of a difference the pigment makes compared to other variables. It's no secret that these discs aren't made in a super well controlled environment. Perhaps that would be a good question for them. Which variables contribute to the end shape of a disc, how much does each variable contribute and how well controlled is each variable?

You were probably typing as I responded above that colors only affect the shape of a disc, and that is what affects flight. Color is just one of a myriad of variables here, but it's also one of the easiest variables to isolate from most the others. Obviously the MVP guys found a way to overrule the way the colorant was making their discs shape up to get them more consistent with the others, so color's effect can be easily trumped by things like cooling time and temps.
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