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Originally Posted by Chizult View Post
Good advice...that is exactly my problem.

So should your hit always be the same, both in the woods and in the open? Should you always have the same amount of snap despite your surrounds, the only difference being what leads up to it?

ETA: Oh, and I've been shopping around for some woods discs. My mids are MVPs and my go to fairway driver is a star Leopard...none of which like being powered down particularly well.
If you're having trouble powering down, just use a putter. They respond to powering down better, and on some of the longer holes you won't have to power down as much.

I'm not a big fan of powering down, so I throw my putters a lot. I use an Anode and sometimes an old Ion. When I'm on a deeply wooded hole, I'm almost always either throwing my Comet or Anode. I vastly prefer playing in the woods because I don't have a huge arm (it's tough for me to birdie 400' holes on flat ground), but I've got the accuracy.

I also often don't use a run up on holes 225' and under with my putter. When I do use a run up for my drives though, it is very short (I use about half the teepad), but that's because I learned to throw backhand from a standstill first. I definitely recommend working without a runup, and shortening your reachback to focus on accuracy in the woods.
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