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Alright i tested that flat AMP(White 169g), it seemed to hold lines longer as expected. The biggest thing i noticed was it went into turns slower and held the line longer without going to the ground. When hyzer flipping it, it seemed to hold that line maybe 10% longer and fade slightly less, but didnt turn anymore than the rest of my AMPs i think im going to bag this one for sure.

My light weight 166g Orange was consistently longer on ALL drives.. Seemed to be slightly more stable than the rest, it wanted to come out of the turn slightly faster than the others. I think its a good one to pair up with my flat for long straight drives.

I will still use my river though, the amp just cant turn like my river can.. AMPs seem to die very easily when they go into the turn because i have to put too much power on it.. i dont like that. And if i try to throw the amp higher so it doesnt die to the ground right away it just fights quickly out of the turn and i dont get that anny flight i want.

These amps are a strange creature, im not sure they are as under-stable as expected. Its just weird that i have to put so much power to get a good anny, and then they usualy just die. =/

Flatten your AMP if its too stable for you.
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