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Originally Posted by tampabay View Post
Threw my brother's today, looks like we got a freak. I think he said it was 172'ish and it was so freaking stable. I bombed it as hard as I could, and it didn't even flinch. For reference, I threw a 167 TP sword with the same throw, and got plenty of turn and it went around 350 on super flat 6' off the ground line. Threw the amp and it laughed at me as it resisted the turn.

Looking forward to try one of these that flies as intended.
After he threw my 1st run amp and agreed that it was overstable i went and bought a lower plh amp from clearwater discgolf. First throw on it and I immediately noticed a difference. After throwing it around for 3 rounds i think it feels like a bit more stable river. Gotta throw it some more to give a more indepth analysis. But first thoughts are that i like it.
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