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Originally Posted by Brodysseus View Post
^Yes, it's definitely the most glaring hole in their lineup. And Mr. Dodge pays attention, so I'm sure we will see it soon enough.

Any guesses as what the names for the missing discs will be? A few pages back, someone suggested Apex for the Very OS control driver and I really liked that. I like Ravine for the US control driver (giving us Apex, Ascent, Trak, and Ravine across the fairways, which I think are some good names). Steve himself mentioned Leather (on DGTR) as a possible name for a Lace counterpart (possibly joking though?). I think Leather would work for the OS distance driver. And I like Tread for the very OS distance driver and I don't really have an idea for the US driver that fits the "theme." As for the two missing mids; Ubex and Mobex.
Apex was the name I presented and like the best so glad you like it too! Ravine is really interesting too....I like it. I have been keeping a list of names I came up with as well as some others that people came up with on this course. Check out the following:

Apex, Pinnacle, Peak, Zenith, Vertex, Crest, Rapid, Crown, Crag, Vista, Outlook, Tread, Ravine, Mobex, and Ubex.

I agree with Brodysseus that Apex and Tread are really solid names. Though kind of cheesy, Mobex and Ubex are growing on me haha