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I received a white, 175-gram Volt for Christmas two days ago, and have since given it quite a bit of time in the field.

...I think this is the best driver I've ever thrown. I almost said best disc, but then I felt bad for my Fuse.

Anyway, I was consistently throwing this thing 325-375 in both mild-to-moderate head and tailwinds, as well as crosswinds. I did not notice drastic differences in flight depending on the wind, though it certainly had a little more turn in the headwind. The fade was forward-penetrating. It felt amazing in my hand, and as a result, I had very, very few bad throws with it, and an high percentage of great throws. I could put a little extra hyzer on the disc and make great left-turning hyzer shots. A little less hyzer, and it was a hyzer flip to straight with mild left finish. Thrown flat, it held a beautiful turnover line before finishing left at the very end.

It was with that last line that it hit me -- I can do practically anything with this disc. Full power hyzers that go 375 (I'm a max 410 with Wraiths or Destroyers). Straight hyzer flips. Turnovers. All very controllable. All with relatively little effort. Crazy.

Other than high headwind situations (or other special scenarios), or absolutely needing to throw more than 375 or less than 315, I see using this disc for just about everything.
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