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Originally Posted by Brodysseus View Post
Pretty good summary, but it should be noted that the Sole has more glide than the other molds. And it also has a different feel (shape) than the other three putters, so if you can feel them up before you buy, I'd recommend seeing which mold fits your hand the best.

If you don't mind me asking, MrGlass, why don't you want to try a VP? I originally was using the Sole as my in the circle putter when I first started using Vibrams, but the VP's absolute predictability won me over. And even if you don't want to putt with a VP, it is the definition of a perfect approach/ upshot disc; slow, overstable, not much glide which makes it easier to range, and it sits and sticks, especially in medium and extra especially in soft.

However, even if you are completely against trying a VP, all the Vibram putters are amazing discs in the circle, for approaches, and off the tee.
I tried the vp and found it to be way to stable for my putting style. I have the over stable putter slot filled with z zones. I approach with ions and anodes. So only looking for the circle. Not knocking vibram putters at all just settled on MVP.