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Originally Posted by Fatbackbob View Post
Looks like the Big Bird Roc3s have ended the Camo debate above.
Originally Posted by zj1002 View Post
The roc3 "camo" is a different camo. It's metallic looking and some are referring to it as "anaconda"
Not sure if the debate will end just yet! I’ll add a separate line for the new “anaconda” camo stamp. I’ll keep the other one for now. Anyone know how to get in touch with the Twisted Flyer peeps to find out if they stamped the Innova discs themselves?

Originally Posted by Fatbackbob View Post
Add Flag Stamps
I already had this on the list as “Stars and Stripes,” but everyone is calling it “Flag stamp,” so I’ll change the heading in the next table update.

Originally Posted by Fatbackbob View Post
And I've seen a stamp before that's silver, reflective, but instead of snowflakes, it had overlapping thin-lined squares that were offset and stacked on top of each other throughout the stamp. Large thin-line squares offset and stacked. Anyone else back that up?
Those are three but I have no pics
Once someone has a pic, post it up and I’ll add it to the list.

Originally Posted by cali View Post
Those are being called "disappearing" stamps.
Thanks E3D4523 for posting the pic, and thanks Cali for the info about what they’re calling them. I’ll add these to the next table update.

Originally Posted by cali View Post
I think the Party Time #2 should be changed to Confetti. Sounds better
Right now I have Confetti as an alternate header for the Splatter stamp. I’ve seen different people use both interchangeably, so I probably won’t add Confetti to the header. But I agree, Party Time #2 should probably have a different name… just don’t know if there is an official title for it.

Also, I have the stamp as you quote from Nkhoury as "mini bubbles" which is just a close-up pic. I've been trying to figure out if that is different than the one that I have listed as "Party-Time #2". If those two are the same, I can remove one as a duplicate... if anyone can confirm I'd appreciate it.

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