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Originally Posted by mattdabbs View Post
People are only going to want to throw a putter where it works for them. Thrown properly we see guys like Double G throw them out to 400-500 feet. With enough practice an experienced player with good form will be able to get them out to 250 or so. It shouldn't really be that heated of a topic because there is no one perfect answer that works for everyone. We are all going to answer the question of how well and how far we can effectively use a putter differently based on our form and experience. Just throw what works.

It is really interesting to hear Paul share his thoughts on this. I appreciate that and it helps give some perspective/ballpark ideas on how the pros see it for sure.
Yes if I wanted to throw a putter down a hill it can travel up to 500+ but what I like it for is up to 300 with control after that you can get shaky and wobble it off into the woods