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Originally Posted by Scoot_er View Post
Discuss if you feel the need.

I think it is fairly significant...probably 70% that of ball golf....when all else is held constant
Between the average Pro and the average Am 1 the difference in talent is small. The Pro is better at consistency, putting and playing under pressure. So any given round the Am might score better than the Pro. It is a coin flip who has better power.

The difference between a top Pro and an average Pro is huge. The gap is the size of a small ocean (and there are no small oceans ). Average Pros throw few rounds which equal the top Pros handicap rating. When the top Pro is hot the average Pro is left in the dust.

At a World Championships any of the top 30 Pros have a chance to win it all, unless one of the top 5 catches fire, then only the top 5 have a chance to keep up. Like the year EMac won it in Indiana. If Feldberg or Climo or Nikko had a great week then EMac would have been an also ran. The same when Jenkins won it in Iowa. None of the top players had a good enough week and he snuck in.

As far as a casual player is concerned, he can't tell the difference between an average Pro and McBeth. Both can do what he never dreamed of.

Ball golf has little relationship to disc golf in terms of skill gaps. Ball golf is so, so ,so much more difficult that the gaps are much bigger. Most any good athlete could take up disc golf and rise to the cashing Pro ranks in a year. Most exceptional athletes could not earn a tour card if they spent a decade trying.
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