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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
The thing is, and I'm sure Paul would agree, is that for 6-8 of the 18 holes, a Rec player like myself could hang with him. It's the other 10-12 holes that he'd kick my butt and make up the difference.

A "Rec" equivalent golfer probably couldn't hang with Tiger for ANY holes.

I have a eagle and couple birdies I think it would look more like 1-3 holes with tiger but if we were to play a course like Winthrop or Maple Hill it might only be 1-3 hole.... No Offense. Pro golfers we only see them at the Big events on the World class courses... If top DG pros played World class courses week in and week out there might be a BIG seperation but we play pitch and putts way to often which allow people to say things like top pro aren't that good or this is a REAL sport.
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