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Originally Posted by Titanic_Sinks View Post
C'mon now. Not only are we getting off topic, but this is turning into a brag fest, and a rather ridiculous one at that.

I have to say that I agree with the original Big Sky post. It's either a smaller gap, or I'm above average (and I'm NOT claiming that!). I'm pretty good at throwing a football, and among people I know and play with, I'm easily the most accurate. I've also been on field watching a pro quarterback go through a few throws, and I can't even begin to fathom how much better he was (and I'm talking about SECOND STRING!). I do think I could at least hang with a 1000+ rated pro. I'm saying...+2 to +5 strokes in 18. I've watched a lot of high level disc golf, and I really don't see the huge talent gap.

Do you think if you threw a football everyday of your life and trained for it you could be as good as the 2nd string dude or was.he just that much better.of a human than you and just touched by god to be that good? My assumption would be he worked for it and you didn't. I'm not trying to be a dick just a honest question
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