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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
This isn't really Vibram's fault, the specs on the PDGA approved disc can be fuzzy on a lot of discs. I just measured my 5 Summits and got a reading of 1.4cm on all but one that might be 1.3cm if not 1.4cm. The one ESP Zone I had measured at 1.4cm.

You have to take the PDGA specs with a bit of salt, they can be off a millimeter or two b/c making discs just isn't that profitable enough to put in the labor to make every one exactly the same.

You might be able to flatten your Summits a bit by warming them up, flightplate down, with something heavy on top to push down the shoulders but I honestly have no idea if that would work with Vibram being rubber and all.
Vibram submitted it for approval with a shallow rim, advertise it as being a shallow putter, but are not producing it consistently shallow because it's too expensive means it's the PDGA's fault for listing dimensions? I don't want to flatten it, I want it to be shallow the way they advertise. I suppose it's actually my fault for asking Vibram fans, but it's good to know these discs are inconsistent. I've asked Vibram, so we'll see what they say

I know this sounds really snarky, but please don't take it personally. I'm just on a painstaking quest to find a shallow putter :/