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Well I just did some field throws with a bunch of lat & ws plastic.

when I got to mids I had:
176g Opto Pure
180g Z Comet (how'd that get in there?)
178g Sparkle Fuse
176g Sparkle Core
179g Opto Pain
178g TP Warship (flat)
171g Lucid Trespass

the Opto Pure can go stupid far. It can hang with my Fuse. The Fuse and Pure seem to be effortless and just go straight. My Fuse is domey and just does it.

My sparkle core is kinda flat and that means flip city. It used to have dome but I guess it sunk on me or something. It's starting to make me rethink my affair with the core. I want to try some full weight Cores just to make sure it's not that 5g difference or it's truly the core itself.

The Pain is getting better and is starting to be the good stable to OS mid I wanted. still deep feeling, but it always finishes left even if just slightly. and it is the shortest of today's throws.

I had rubbed off some of the flash on the warship and man did it lose some HSS. it was flipping about like my core was. when it didn't flip it just turned gently over and finished right. This was only my third outing with the Warship and my first field throws. now that I know what shapes to look for I'm still gonna try the VIP version and look for dome.

the Trespass was an absolute joy. It flew like a good straight buzzz or Roc. It out flew everything else but it is also 8g lighter than most of the rest. I bought the 171g one because it is that awesome neon pink. If I can find a 180g in that Pink it will probably find a permanent spot in the bag.

the Comet was in the car and I wanted to see if I still had the smoothness. What I discovered is that you have to throw the Comet differently. I know this is heresy but I've always had that suspicion. The Comet does take a smooth throw but it's not the same throw as what can make a Fuse go far and straight. The Comet is a great disc. I will never deny that.
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