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Originally Posted by throwfromthewoods View Post
I do like the vertical disc organization. It gives me less distance to bend down and grab, lol.

But it's a lot like the Upper Park Shift bag, and those are only $120.00
Agreed very similar Upper Park Shift bag and $60.00 cheaper.

$180 for pre-orders? Here we go again pay $200 or more cause you know they are going to charge for shipping and then wait 3 months on an unproven product. Not good business IMO.

get the bag, make sure it holds up and then set a price. Unless this thing comes with a lifetime warranty and is made of 1000d Cordura or something stronger like ballistic nylon then it wont be worth it. Following the same business model as hyzer bomb...put a bag out then have to replace it with every run after that. Maybe by the third run they will get it right...BTW I have the flak, cool bag just didn't hold up.
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