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Originally Posted by alcstradamus View Post
To the pro-Bullseyewh basket crowed, I think it needs pointed out that many of us who are against it are only against it in the case of making it "exclusive" to the pro tour. If the standard disc golf basket was changed to the Bullseye, then that would be just fine. We want to play the same game that everyone plays, not play on a handicapped course with bigger baskets.

But since it is not feasible to change tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of baskets around the country, and it is also not feasible to retro-fit courses with more difficulty (i.e. distance and trees), we once again come back to the starting point and have to say that everything just needs to stay how it is and people need to quit worrying about how our pro scores look to ball golfers.
I don't agree with making the bullseye type basket exclusive in the long run but why not make a standard for the players who want tougher baskets and courses. Test it for the pros and see if it makes the game more exciting if it does go with it. If not no big deal we have the same game again and the forum is happy still.
What's everyone's thoughts about this?
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