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MVP doesn't make posts in their own forum anymore so who knows.. They like to hold everything back from us and not excite us with news of development of a "new driver" or anything for that matter.

Back a few months ago they were always updating us and now they have gone into shadow government mode.

For all we know they made enough money on the current discs to retire in the Cayman Islands and will not be developing further discs... who knows they are so silent and don't even sponsor any pros to get their product name out there to build credibility in their products.

I'm beginning to lose interest in MVP and gaining interest in trying new drivers from companies like DD and Prodigy.. Which sucks for MVP because i don't switch discs in my tourney bag after the start of a season and whatever i throw is what i rep because i try everything and chose what works best. So they better give us something before another companies disc secures a spot.

I am the one of the very few MVP voices in my community and have led to probably 100's of sales by word of mouth.. especially for the AXIS and Ion. And who knows how many have been influenced on these forums.

MVP is a great company but they have recently failed to keep the interest of the community (in my opinion) by withholding news, updates, and overall communication with people who enjoy their products as much as i do.

People don't like being left in the dark for too long. We want to know whats going on!!

sorry for the rant.. i just had one of those moments