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Originally Posted by StevenDodge View Post
Hi All, my apologies for the extended absence. You would think the Winter would be the time when I would be able to settle things down and pay the most attention here, but NOOOOOO..., with the Birdie Bash, planning for OR, deciding what new discs to make (yes, I'm a tease ) and making sure that the Vibram Open and Players Cup are both broadcast on DGP.TV this year, I've been busier than ever before!

And I too am a Summit man. I played this weekend and had 5 or 6 Summit Scrambles from 120-150 feet. Beautiful annys through the trees and landing within 10 feet of the pin. It is awesome being super confident in the way a disc is going to fly!
"Deciding what new discs to make." Steve says disc(s). Being an awesomely addicted Vibramite....I must say I can't wait for the new discs coming out from Vibram in 2013! Knowing how Steve listens to us makes me even more excited! Hopefully a Firebird/Predator, an overstable Lace, and an overstable Obex are in the future. Bring on the overstable discs! Love 'em.

On a separate note, does anyone besides me throw max weight (175 g) Laces? Seems that most Vibramites on this thread have weights in the 160s or very low 170s. I have two first run Laces (175 g) that I picked up from GGGT the very hour they arrived in-store so I nabbed the best two. They fly like a faster Destroyer with more glide. It's craziness. Can't wait to chuck them in the summer as it's winter in Minny and 'Sconsin.