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Last night I wrote 9,000+ words on this...

If you read deeply into those vague-ish brief descriptions of drivers on the MVP site, you'll find they are littered with concepts from DGR. I speak the same DGR shorthand with MVP as I do with ZJ. Remember they were just regular DGR Joes for a long time before they started posting about their weird homemade blue and red (ick) putter.

Take the most DGR-philosophical mindset of how exactly a "slightly overstable" control driver behaves. Firstly, trust me that "wind-fighting" is off the map. The Volt is stable; it mamimizes its Turn and fades. The Shock dampens Turn more; it still turns, as a control driver should. Unless the Shock is near your arm's maximum speed threshold, like me, it won't be a wind-fighter. That's simply not what slightly overstable control is about. (btw my claim for "control driver" language: the Volt as a "controllable fairway" and personal knowledge that these are Eagle-lineage control designs)

These are not radically spacious grid-encompassing discs. They are two stable control drivers, one slightly on the turn-maximizing side, and another similar but net-positive-stable variation. These are built to be a smart pairing; they are not meant to occupy the entire 0+ fairway spectrum. Expect a smart, workable, past-neutral distance-wrencher. Don't expect it to kill wind; that's a different slot entirely.
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