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I've had all kinds of thoughts about it. Firstly I trust that they can design their way out of any box we imagine would hinder them. Secondly I've imagined that new, deliberate weighting schemes of the blend could achieve some insanely overstable flight profiles.

I think of the MVP lineup and the physics specific to it as sort of like Millennium's early years. MILL was the first lineup based on premium plastic. They featured beadless, notchless, neutral-stable discs out of the box. Those were the first molds designed for the properties of that new plastic class -- primarily that it was so durable, it didn't need these damage-mitigating mold features. I imagine the JLS and Polaris and MS designs would inspire us to post (maybe on Prodigy BBS ) things like "how could these beadless notchless jokers EVER put out a wind-fighter?" In hindsight we know, just wait 15 years for the company buyout that finally brings about overstable/power molds... jk jk jk. MVP is similar in that the properties of their material/process necessitate a new way of thinking about the lineup and designing smart mold families. Nowdays, we think nothing of beadless/notchless overstable molds/families. This is just our perception right now, and we are only 6 molds and 3 speeds deep into the understanding of MVP flight physics. I trust they can blow our minds, and I see the wisdom in not placing fenceposts at every corner of the flight chart, then littering the yard with arbitrary molds. They really went to the heart of accurate distance by putting out what (for some throwers) might equate to a +0.5 and a -0.5 control driver combo. That's too narrow for some bags, but there's some gold yet to be discovered and fully understood. Again I'd stress how loaded the term "control" is in the mind of a golden-age DGR nerd.

tl;dr -- You've gotta trust that great designers can solve their own design problems in more creative ways than any outsider could imagine.
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