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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
Thank you for sharing this little tid-bit of MVP manufacturing. I figured the cores were different weights and the overmold was constant. But, it's the other way around.

Now, here's the question. Have they run a light core?

For example:

Would an utra-light core on a Vector with a normal weight overmold produce a disc that flies anything like a Vector should? Perhaps not. What if, by way of making an ultra-light core, they essentially produce a new disc?

Maybe we could see 150 class mids and drivers, with known flight differences, BUT with the same consistency MVP is known for, in their respective weight classes.

Or maybe...they've already thought of all this and it's on the drawing board?

One can only dream.
The future for MVP is extremely bright and the possibilities are endless.. they have the best molding machines in the business and care about what the community wants.

A low-weight line of discs would be cool to see, they would have to be new discs though, in my opinion.