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Originally Posted by Bobby_B5932 View Post
This is going to be a semi long post. I was considered one of the top players in california back in the early 90's, my PDGA # is 5932. Today when I hear the top players talk about the sport and where it is heading I keep hearing them say that the Disc Golf is still a young sport. The funny thing is, back when guys like Steve Valencia, Bamba and Steve Rico and myself were young we said the same thing and we all thought the sport had potential to get really big. We were saying that over 20 years ago. Disc Golf is no longer a young sport. We had some big sponsors back then, Budweiser is one of the first ones that come into my mind which sponsored the Bud Light Winter Time open. The sport lost that sponsor and others. Someone once asked me what I thought was the main reason the game would never get as big as others and be broadcast on television stations like ESPN etc. My answer was always the same, drug use by top players on and off the course and drug use by players in general. Many people I talk to still see the game as a hippie game or a game that stoners play. Till this day it still pisses me off to hear it referred to as that. But I see where they are coming from. From a sponsors stand point I would not want to be affiliated with any game or sport that does nothing to at least try and control the issue of drugs in our sport. I cant tell you how many times I went to tournaments and witnessed guys in their cars doing lines and smoking pot. Tournament directors where aware of this and yet never did a single thing about it and I know it still goes on today.Until the PDGA, tournament directors and players take action with this problem I cant see the sport ever gaining the recognition it deserves. My question to you as a top young player on tour is this. If you could correct this problem what steps would you take to do so? How do you think the PDGA should go about dealing with it and would you and other young players be willing to pay a much higher PDGA membership fee which would include a very in depth test on rules of the sport and a drug test. How do you feel about random drug testing throughout the course of a season if the PDGA could afford to do so?
i know it's and issue and i've been a huge supporter or drug testing. I've never touched the stuff including cigs and other smoke related products, I have always cared about my body why poison my lungs or help for a temporary "good" feeling. i know a lot of the younger players feel the same way (Will S. and Ricky W) off the top of my head. You can see how those 2 and myself are pushing the Clean imagne to the best of our ability not to mention we are currently 1-2-3 in the world. I think if we want to be taken seriously the top players should be drug tested. If we want to make it our profession we should lead by example and not just push this "hippie" imagne anymore. I honestly wouldn't allow drugs on my card i won't shy away from informing a TD, Cigs bug me enough i always give Feldberg a hard time everytime he pulls one out. I'm with you 100% on this issue.