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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
wtf are you babbling about? have you seen the video on page one done by flyboy?
Yes, I see a ton of moving shots that looked great, but didn't not reinvent the wheel, nor are superior to the other options I listed. It is an additional option, not a game changer. It's designed for cinematography, not following a disc, baseball, football, whatever.

Originally Posted by BogeyNoMore View Post
I'm far from an expert (or even novice for that matter) with regards to video production, but to film disc golf effectively, wouldn't you want a set-up that can be moved from one hole to another quickly and easily? Is that the case with the methods you mentioned? Serious question, cause I honestly don't know, but to my layperson ears, they sound like they'd be a bit cumbersome. Seems like an RC copter fits that bill pretty well. If I'm mistaken, so be it - maybe they would be better alternatives.

While a stabilized camera on a a person might be highly transportable, I dont think they'd be able to track the action in flight with the same "following along with the disc" type of effect. Just my thoughts - I could be wrong.
The PGA does an excellent job with it's footage, and has a much higher speed and distance to deal with than we'll ever reach throwing an object. Their "follow-cameras" on blimps can zoom in on a ball after it is struck and follow the entire course of it's flight. There is also a "ball tracker" that highlights the flight of the ball and it's trajectory. The heli-cam can do neither with disc golf. It is a cool angle, a nice additional piece of the puzzle, but it will not revolutionize the game. Suspended cable cameras would be a much better option, but the underlying problem is cost, placement, and interference with the flight. You are better to set up high cranes with nice cameras and follow holes in specific locations.

Again, lastly, it's awesome piece of tech, but it's def not something that's going to cause an explosion in disc golf. You need more cameras and strategy than just that.
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