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Default The Value for money debate

I know this is a topic Ive read on here in the past, but wanted to gauge peoples opinions on pricing/value, that have come up locally.

One event was run, $25 a head. Players pack was a base plastic, standard disc. 20 players in total, 4 divisions. Each div winner took home a $20 voucher and an event trophy.

Is that good value for money? Is that the norm?

Way I see it, 16 people paid 4 people to take trophies and vouchers home with them for very little gain themselves. I know it shouldnt be the case of getting $25 worth of stuff for your $25, but its gotta at least be better then that, no?

Related subject...trophies for smaller events...yay or nay? Obviously if its a cheap, simple, fun option, or a pre-existing trophy, I got no problems. But spending $40-60 of the pool on trophies to me is a little CTPs etc instead.

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