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Originally Posted by _MTL_ View Post
Oh, the “where does my money go” argument.

Well, the numbers should almost always work out. But there are many many many things that people forget about that are costs involved to run an event. For example, here are some common costs I run into when running events that have to come out of the total payout.

PDGA Sanctioning
OB Paint / Rope / Flags
Paper for scorecards
Paper for leaderboard cards
Ink to print scorecards / leaderboard cards
Ice / Water on the course
Course / Park Rental
Shipping of merchandise ordered

It adds up quickly.
I have run many events myself, and trust me I both know the costs AND have been on the other end of this argument in the past. Heaven forbid I once charged $10 a player for 2 rounds, with prizes etc, and a players pack including a choice out of the clubs long lost pile, as a way to raise funds and get the discs back out there, and that was met with mixed reactions, regarding the cost not the discs.

Quite a few players raised concerns about the costs and basically it was high due to the trophies and fear of low numbers. That to me is catch 22, high price lowers numbers, whats better 20 at 25 or 25 at $20 :-D
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