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Originally Posted by Texashammer View Post
I don't understand playing in a tourney only to get your money back, if you win. I would just go buy a new disc with my 20 and go hit the course.
Originally Posted by mashnut View Post
Then tournaments aren't for you. I strongly believe that TDs should be compensated for all the time and effort they put into organizing events, and players should expect much less of their money to go into what amounts to a gambling pool. If we make the TD position one that doesn't require a ton of uncompensated hours and work just so that players can complain about trivial stuff, maybe we'd have more and better events. Instead, we expect TDs to lose money just so that the 18th place intermediate player gets to take home some extra plastic.
I could be wrong, but I don't believe Texashammer was directing that at TD's, but more to the OP. From my reading it seems like TH is just saying the entry fee is a sunk cost, so any small winnings coming back to him/her will just be reinvested into new plastic. Why stress out over not winning some of your $25 back? Just enjoy the experience for what it is, a DG tournament on a nice course with a chance to meet fellow DG'ers.

Apologies if I read that wrong.
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