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Originally Posted by dukdukgolf View Post
No top pocket (which is key to the grip bag and what makes it great, makes it so you dont bend over all the time), terrible looking putter pocket, drink holder and eye glass thing. Overall it looks terrible srry. It doesn't look sleek, rather it looks like someones hair when they wake up in the morning. Plenty of opinions can be made from a picture and reading what the bag has and what it doesnt.

not saying it isnt functional. I mean its an upgrade from a trash bag, but saying its a viable option from a Grip bag . yawn.
It's a fishing tackle bag, converted to hold discs. As a fisherman, I can use the four tackle boxes provided without removing my pvc frame, that's a huge plus.

Plus, being 6'4, the Grip doesn't hold near as much as I desire (extra towels, hoodie, food, snacks, drinks etc). It is a no brainer to me, considering it's dual purpose for me, and I see zero need to spend hundreds on dollars on a bag when I'm not anywhere around 1,000 rated. I'd rather spend that extra money on other things, and it's very comfortable to boot. If you don't like that looks that's fine, looks are a person-to-person quality trait.
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