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Originally Posted by JTacoma03 View Post
Your guess is as good as mine.

Happy new year. I hope everything's well with you!

Not really going to need to. I don't really get the sense that you understand the discussion here, your last couple of posts have given off that vibe.

I'll give a quick recap.
-A really cool dead thread was revived, I got to see a video I missed a year ago when it was originally posted here.
-Much optimism for revolutionary new disc golf tourney filming technique was abound
-One person noted that while it's cool and situationally useful, it might not necessarily re-define disc golf videography as we know it.
-New013 trolled this user, as he is wont to do, without much knowledge of said subject (the logistics or methods of filming golf).
-It looked to me like a newer user was being post-count-bullied when all he was doing was offering an alternative, non-combative point of view, so I spoke up on his behalf. (DGCR is rampant with group-think, and it's unfortunate because the real-life demographic of the users is really diverse).
-You came in, thinking I'm talking about the camera-copter, and proceeded to post taking up for New, yet not really posting anything relevant to the conversation between said troll and I.

Again, I really think this innovative, low-budget aerial cinematography is awesome and can be an asset to people wanting to diversify disc golf content. I sincerely hope that innovation like this fact if the person operating the copter is reading this hit me up, I'd love to pick your brain regarding shooting efficiency and difficulty with this technique.
Have seen some adventure sport shoots were they had to use some sort of copter cam. I doubt they were using a helicopter in the mountains of Nepal so I guess they were using something similar to this. It has practical applications and it's the same thing as the eye in the sky in football stadiums except not on a fixed tether. I've been amazed at how smooth it is though, I would love to see what the stabilizer looks like on it.

Jttacoma can you at least admit that Chains, and Pro Worlds is never going to happen?
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