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Originally Posted by rootofthechord View Post
I fully agree with Archmage. Disc golf tounaments are missing out on a group of interested hacks like me because we don't want to participate in a tournament knowing that we're paying for someone else's plastic. A non-payout division would be a totally different situation.

As Dave242 pointed out, lack of payout does make the tournament more casual. Players are more likely to "flake out" if the weather or their score is bad. However, for some people, that's exactly the appeal of a game of disc golf: a more relaxed, less intense round. It seems like non-payout weekend minis would be a great way to "expand the sport" to a wider variety of people.
Agree 100% and it goes along with what the OP basically said...not everyone can be a great player, and those who are at the bottom end of their division know full well going in they are just throwing their money into the pot! At the other end, if the winners get not much more then their original 'value', then whats the point.

Id rather pay $5 and the winners get all of it, then $25 and the winners get a an example.
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