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Originally Posted by texhop58 View Post
I am running my first few events this year. I have found there are a lot of fees that people don't account for. Some have already been said like park rental and scorecards. I did not see insurance thing come up. Some towns require you to insure your event from injuries. I have wondered why Crowley bicent park didn't run a lot of tourneys. The city requires 150 fee plus 150 deposit plus proof of insurance. And there was a few other little things here and there. Also you need to think about td's expenses of travel, website set up, disc shipping. I am trying to run my tourneys just to have money invested back in park but I am still stuck with the bill on a lot. That being said some td's do better job with money then others. I also learn from my past two experiences. I paid the same price pretty much (maybe 5 less don't remember). But one I got a base challenger putter. The other I got a glow z stalker and a choice of one other disc. I chose a volt. Then they came back and threw in a wizard. I know I will play the 2nd company more often.
Personally I'm not sure why some here resist transparency so much. If I were a TD I'd be in favor of it, to get players off my back. In the example above, on the surface, I'd agree that the second tourney sounds more appealing as a player. However, if the course the first tourney was on was better/more fun/ etc... that might sway my opinion. What if the first course cost 3x as much to rent? To be fair, I think this is why TD's should provide itemized lists of costs. It would increase transparency, and reduce whining if players had a better understanding of where the money came from and went. Imagine being handed a sheet of paper that said the following:

Entry fees: $575 ($25 average times 230 players)
Sponsorship Cash:$1000
Sponsorship Merchandise(retail value) $500
Total Funds:$2050
Park Rental$150
Players Packs$500 (retail merchandise)
Misc. Expenses:$172
Cash to Club/TD$203/18 man hours of setup=$11.28 per hour.

Obviously my numbers are off, but it's a good enough hypothetical to move on with. A breakdown like this would help players understand where their money is going, and also help TD's/clubs decide if it's worth their while to continue hosting an event. Obviously this also requires an element of honesty on the part of the TD, but if he's claiming $500 in food/drink and all you get is a bottle of water and bag of peanuts, it's clear something's up and you may not want to play his events. On the other hand, you may WANT to play events where one of the line items is "Funds toward replacing baskets" or other such improvements for your local course. Unless you're scamming, I don't see how transparency hurts you.
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